How Publisher, Socialite Dele Momodu Rediscovers Root In Edo 49 Years After, Declares For 2023 Presidency

How Publisher, Socialite Dele Momodu Rediscovers Root In Edo 49 Years After, Declares For 2023 Presidency

Socialite, politician and journalist, Dele Momodu on Sunday February 6, 2022 declared that God has given the people of his community, Ihievbe, in Owan East local government area of Edo State a global champion in the person of himself, the candidacy to lead this nation, Nigeria.

Momodu, who is also the Publisher, Ovation Magazine, made the declaration when he was received by the people of his community in Ihievbe Community, Edo State, Sunday afternoon.

He stressed that he has been practicing how to be the President of Nigeria all these years and that the time has come for it to be truly manifested.

His word, “I want to thank you all, my people, by the grace of Almighty God, from your mouths to God’s ears.

“I want to assure you that I love you, by the grace of God, we will get to that destination. I have been told that nobody can bully us in this village.

“We have integrity and that is why we have not stolen a penny. I have never been a Commissioner, I have never been a senator, I have never been a governor, I have been a journalist all my life.

“Most of my adult life, that is what I have done and I told my Uncle, we live in a country of rumour monger.

“Some people said don’t mind Dele, he wants to be a senator, I don’t want to be a senator, some people said he wants to be a minister, no, I am not interested, people search for it, people paid for it, I told my Uncle all I want is to be the president of the federal republic of Nigeria.

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“Today is a day to say it finally, anybody who has come out as an aspirant, who thinks he has better credentials than Dele Momodu, let him present it.

“Anybody who says he is more qualified than your son, let him come out and show us his performance.

“Anybody who has accomplished in his private capacity, meeting president all over the world without being a president, sitting on chairs reserved for visiting president without being a president. You see,  whatever  you will become as a rich man, you start practicing it as a poor man. God Almighty saw that I will be a president one day and I started practicing how a president should be.

“Most of those who have governed this country, governed as a local champions, today, God has given this village a global champion”.

The journalist turned politician explained that his reuniting with his ancestral home has finally put an end to all the teasing from many who accused him of not knowing where he came from.


“My own people, my fathers, my mothers, my brothers and sisters, good afternoon; I am very happy to come home today. This is a day I have been looking forward to. I have our Baba, I am told that our Baba is 101 years old; Baba, thank you sir.

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“This is a very emotional occasion for me and my wife told me, don’t cry because I can imagine how my father left this village many years ago. I don’t know how he found his way to Ile Ife, settled in Ife, married my mum, and I am the only product of their marriage.

“I am so happy for this wonderful welcome. I like to thank our uncle, Yisa Braimoh, he is our father, thank you sir. You have been a distinguished senator of the federal republic of Nigeria; you will continue to be distinguished sir.

“All I have to do was to call Uncle Yisa Braimoh and here we are. It’s taking me 49 years after my father’s death for me to achieve this. My father died on June 14, 1973. I was 13 years old.

“I was not brought home because at that time there was a superstition that if you go home they will kill you. So, after my father died, I told my mother who is a Yoruba woman that I want to go to my village. She was afraid that I told Uncle Yisa then and I came.

“I told my mother that if they kill me, they brought me to the world, they are free to take me away. It takes courage in 2004. It takes courage to do that because I was ready to see my people. But today is the formal occasion for me to be welcomed back into this kingdom.

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“Many people used to tease and taunt me that you this man do you know where you come from? They will stop asking that question now. You can’t know where your mother comes from if you don’t know where your father comes from”, he said.

In his speech at the event, the former Senator representing Edo North, Senator Yisa Braimoh said the people of Ihievbe have decided to send him forth to rescue Nigeria for them.

“This is a glorious entry. The whole of Ihievbe Community has turned out en-masse to receive their illustrious so, a man who has achieved so much in the media.

“He has declared his intentions to run for Presidency. We love his home coming and we have resolved to send him forth to rescue Nigeria for us”, he asserted.

Our Reporter recalls that Dele Momodu’s character shift has become a source of concern for many as he has consistently campaigned in various social media platforms for the Southeast to be allowed to occupy the Presidency of Nigeria from 2023.

In one of the outbursts, he had asked rhetorically, “why shouldn’t an Igbo man and indeed a Southeasterner be the President of this country? They have all it takes to be good Leader/President”.Uche Nwosu is a two time Shell Petroleum PLC award winner in the year 2000;
He won the Shell Award on Investigative Journalism and Environmental Cleanliness.

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