Breaking…Donald Trump Finally Acquitted Of Impeachment Charges

Breaking…Donald Trump Finally Acquitted Of Impeachment Charges

President Donald Trump, the immediate past President of the United States of America, has been acquitted of the impeachment charges against him.

The US Senate voted Saturday evening 57 to 43 votes to acquit him of the charges, saying that it did not think the hoodlums that invaded the Capitol, the US Congress, did what they did because of Trump’s speech on January 6, 2021, the day of the mass looting and pillaging of the Capitol.

The House of Representatives had on January 14, 2021 impeached him in a move seen by international watchers as efforts to nail and destroy his political, social and out-of-office records.

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In fact, this is the second time the House had impeached him and the Senate cancelled it, insisting that there was no record to prove that he committed an impeachable offence. However, during voting Saturday evening, seven Republicans (his party) voted for the impeachment, while many Democrats voted against it.

By this, Donald Trump can stand in another US Presidential election and will also enjoy all the privileges accrual to a former President of the United States of America without any of them being denied him.

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