Opportunity To Become A Competent Fruitpreneur

Opportunity To Become A Competent Fruitpreneur



More and more people around the world today are becoming increasingly more aware of the pivotal and essential role the appropriate consumption of fruits play in ensuring wellness and healthy living.
And, many others have equally become conscious that maximising the benefits of fruits go beyond merely popping a slice or piece of fruit into the mouth and munching away.
The increased knowledge and understanding of the essence of appropriate consumption of fruits have spawned the evolution of the esoteric craft of fruit mix specialists, whose vocation of fruits preparation, packaging and marketing is often referred to as fruitpreneurship.
What is Fruitpreneurship?
Fruitpreneurship is new, specialist vocation of fruits combination and preparation, which has arisen in response to the growing needs of discerning consumers to take fruits in the right ratios, quantities and forms as to derive maximal health benefits. This is what has created the window of opportunity for early movers to become the leaders in the brand new space of fruit entrepreneurship  those who professionally offer the best combination of fruits and in the right physical states to discerning consumers, who soon begin to witness the good after results in their wellness status.
What Fruitpreneurs Do  The Role of Fruitpreneurs
Fruitpreneurs occupy a critical niche in the food and nutrition industry in every clime as they provide the vital link between the farmers and consumers of fruits, especially the consumers who seek the correct consumption of fruits to enhance their wellness.
The Fruitpreneur is a professional who prepares a variety of fruits and fruit combinations that are targeted to drive specific nutritional benefits and designed to meet identified health needs. For instance, a person experiencing high blood pressure would be placed on a certain fruits combo different to someone having symptoms of weight gain or prostate enlargement or some other ailments.
How to Become a Skilled and Much Sought After Fruitpreneur
To become an on-demand fruitpreneur requires an eclectic set of knowledge and skills as well as the capacity and tools that are required to serve needs of diverse clientele.
A window of opportunity has opened up for early movers to become the leaders in the brand new space of fruit entrepreneurship  those who professionally offer the best combination of fruits and in the right physical states to discerning consumers. Consumers on such fruit regimens soon begin to experience the benefits and good after results of appropriate consumption of fruits. These beneficiaries are often willing witnesses who spread the word in testimonies about the need and benefits of turning to a fruitpreneuer to design a tailored fruit recipe for individuals based on their peculiar circumstances or health status.
The Fruit Business Master Class Programme by Point-One-events
Our team is offering interested candidates a door and leg up into this exciting new field of vocation and the training programme that is designed to inculcate a solid foundation for all prospective Fruitpreneurs.
The programme will cover special skills in fruits decoration, carving and styling for a glamorous display at events and so on.
To impart the requisite knowledge and knowhow, we are offering a programme which highlights include:
Launching of a unique brand identity.
The how and requirements for a Fruits business you can start from home.
How to make Greek yogurt, granular, date syrup etc.
And lots many more.
A simplified summary of the Profitability of Fruit Business
Recent surveys have shown that setting up a home-based fruit business shall require an investment of between N150,000.00  N300,000.00 and the gross earnings is in the region of N300,000.00  N500,000.00 per month starting from Month 2.
With a variable cost input of approximately 50% per production cycle, the profit position ranges from N150,000.00  N250,000.00.
The business is scalable in scope and profitability.
The Point-One-Events Fruit Design Masterclass Details
Registration: N25,000.00
Date:  09/06/2021
Time:  3pm  6pm
Venue:  Zoom
 Join the Fruits Business Masterclass
  And grow the profitability of your fruit business.

Uche Nwosu is a two time Shell Petroleum PLC award winner in the year 2000;
He won the Shell Award on Investigative Journalism and Environmental Cleanliness.

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