All Hail Nkechi and Jamike, The Glamorous Couple! How Jamike, Gov. Ikpeazu’s Son Joins The League Of Married Men

All Hail Nkechi and Jamike, The Glamorous Couple! How Jamike, Gov. Ikpeazu’s Son Joins The League Of Married Men

It was a Glorious Day for Jamike, the first son of Abia chief executive, Okezie Victor Ikpeazu PhD as he performed the traditional marriage rites of his heartthrob, Nkechi at Umuikaa, in Isiala Ngwa Local Government Area of Abia State.

It was glamour that was laced with panache as Who’s Who in political, economic and social circles of Nigeria paid homage to Jamike Ikpeazu and his former fiancé, even as the couple wriggle their wastes to the dictates and rhymes of traditional Ekwe, Udu, Oyo, Ogele etc when they meandered their way to Governor Ikeazu, the groom’s father who, beside him was Nkechi, the mother of the groom for his fatherly blessings.

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Elated Ikpeazu, smiling conspicuously; full of native wisdom and immersed in Igbo nay Ngwa methodologies, norms and values, cleared his throat and declared, “Ndi keanyi unu obia nda ee”. He then gave his consent, pouring out his fatherly blessings to the glamorous couple who, on getting to his vicinity of the groom’s father, knelt down in obeisance to Igbo custom that demands that during an event like that the couple Must Kneel Down for Blessings.

Friends of Nkechi and Jamike, who accompanied them to the governor when Nkechi finally and symbolically found Jamike at the crowded side of the event stood still with other guests watching the thrill-filled melodrama as Governor Ikpeazu did his thing in style and dignity.

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Early during the legendary search for her fiancé whom she emblematically located in the mammoth crowd and took to her parents, Nkechi had danced her way through the gaily dressed and kaleidoscopic radiating crowd, many of whom appreciated and indeed savored her glittering beauty.

Like the Ikpeazus did, Nkechi’s parents had rained blessings on their daughter, admonished her to be a loving housewife, a reliable daughter in-law, caring mother, compassionate woman leader and above all a God fearing and rapturable woman of God.

We hereby refresh your appetite with some of the exciting pix at the historic event.

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