Explosive! Who Killed Nurse Queeneth Alozie Of Obioma Hospital, Umuahia? Part 11

Explosive! Who Killed Nurse Queeneth Alozie Of Obioma Hospital, Umuahia? Part 11

This is the concluding report of how the wife of late Dr Brown Alozie, founder of Obioma Hospital, Umuahia, Mrs Queeneth Alozie was brutally murdered in her residence at Enyinnaya Ogbulafor Drive off BCA Road, Umuahia.

It’s blood chilling and revealing…  

…The Escape Of Victor Mark From Lawful Custody

…How the Alleged Assailant Eventually Murdered Her As Well As The Police Angle On The Unprovoked Murder

However, on the fateful day, Sunday, April 25, 2021 Queeneth reportedly granted the request of the other security man to attend his usual church service and asked Victor Mark to attend to some domestic chores which included harvesting some palm fruits behind courtyard.

By this, only Queeneth and Victor Mark were left in the vast compound. While Queeneth began to prepare to travel to Owerri to join his kith and kin who were celebrating the Mothers’ Day that Sunday, Victor Mark busied himself at the back of the courtyard with the chore. It was not certain why Victor Mark came upstairs, but there were beliefs that there was an argument between him and his madam leading to the woman allegedly slapping him.

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At that juncture, the highly aggrieved Victor Mark may have descended on Queeneth with the machete he used for the palm fruits harvest and like a spurious insane man gave her some terrible machete cut leading her to bleed to death. Neighbours recalled that they heard a shrilled cry that didn’t last long, but didn’t take it serious; pointing out that the huge fence and gigantic gate were barriers.

They also believed that the alleged assailant didn’t want her to live otherwise he would have given her a slight cut only. “The several machete cuts on her body show that the attacker meant to kill her instantly”, they reasoned.

Even at that, the our Reporter explains that there was no way she would have survived the attack since she didn’t get any help from 9am, the supposed period of the attack, to 12:30pm when the security man returned from the church. She writhed to death under severe pains with none to offer a helping hand. It was gathered that the assailant locked the door before disappearing into thin air.

It was shocked by the unusual quietness of the compound as his call on madam and Victor Mark were responded to. That indeed sent a wrong signal to him that something was amiss. He then called the manager of Obioma Hospital, Fred to ascertain whether Madam has travelled. His calls and that of Nurse Queeneth’s children calling from United States to ascertain why their mum, whom they wanted to wish Happy Mothers’ Day anniversary, had refused to pick their calls.

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At this juncture, Fred called Queeneth’s number severally but they rang and rang out. Then he decided to visit the madam’s house. There, it was confirmed that something was amiss and they decided to invited the police, who on arrival broke the door and saw the bizarre body of Queeneth, heavily mangled, lying in the congeal pool of her body. With the permission, her was deposited in a morgue in Umuahia.

Meanwhile, less than 48 hours later, Victor Mark was arrested by the police. He was detained at the State CID, Umuahia, but unfortunately, on Saturday, May 28, 2021, there was an attack on the station by unknown gunmen who went ahead to release all the detainees, Victor Mark inclusive. Victor Mark used the opportunity to flee.

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Now, the question is: where is Victor Mark?

The Police Public Relations Officer, Geoffrey Ogbonna told our Reporter that Victor Mark was amongst those who were let loose by the hoodlums. “We’re yet to get all of them whom those hoodlums released on that ill-fated day, but our dragnet will soon catch up with them”, Ogbonna, a Superintendent of Police added.

At Nwaturuocha’s family, quietness pervaded the vast compound when the issue of the gruesome murder of their daughter, Queeneth was mentioned, but the family members wanted the police to quickly unravel the mystery behind the unprovoked killing of one of their beloved daughters.

At Ahiara Junction, Mbaise where Victor Mark’s community could have been traced, no Okada rider or anybody could identify or know anything about the name, let alone knowing his community.

For now, the people are asking: where is the killer of Nurse Queeneth Alozie?

Uche Nwosu is a two time Shell Petroleum PLC award winner in the year 2000;
He won the Shell Award on Investigative Journalism and Environmental Cleanliness.

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