“Warning To The Nigerian Church”

“Warning To The Nigerian Church”

Afghanistan is the number one on the global terrorist list and she has just been overthrown by Taliban terrorists and Nigeria is just number three (3) seconding Iran on that list with a coalition of Iswap and Boko Haram molesting her territory…

You’re still not getting the point?
All Churches in Afghanistan as at today are shut down. I mean all of them.
Pastors and overseers have all gone underground now…Cathedrals are empty.
Religious folks say Nigeria can never be overthrown because God is alive.
But I ask, do you think God loves Nigeria more than Afghanistan? Wake Up!
Stop deceiving yourselves.
Over religiousness destroyed the saints in Asian Minor (Present Turkey) and Paul’s labours in that land suffered severe damage as Turkey is more Islamic than even Saudi Arabia today.
Do you think God loves Nigeria more than Turkey that was the old location of all ancient Churches in the New Testament?
Ohhh, Nigeria is the anchor head of the last day Revival so nothing can happen they say!
Let me ask you, is Nigeria written in the Bible? The answer is a capital NO.
But Turkey that hosted Apostle Paul, John and co in it’s land was overthrown.
Turkey that is home to the 99.9 percent Churches in the new testament was overthrown by radical Islam and you’re still blind to this reality?
It’s true that the spiritual Ekklesia (Church) cannot be conquered, but the land that hosts her can be overtaken.
The seven (7) Churches Jesus wrote letter to in the book of Revelation were all located in Turkey, yet, Turkey was overthrown by Radical Islam.
You still think the Nigerian factor cannot be overtaken? WAKE UP!
The Turkish Church had the largest cathedrals then and was carried away with ephemerals like materialism as they lost the very essence of true spiritualism, which the same estate of the Nigerian Church today.
If the Nigerian Church and her powerful overseers doesn’t rise to confront the Government today, consider Nigeria another Sharia Republic to be overtaken by a terrorist group in not long from now.
Study Church and Secular History, they won’t study, they will rather keep declaring empty words of faith…
Do ye not know that when the hedge is broken the serpent bites?
In his days, Prophet Jeremiah had warned King Jehoiachin and all Israel, yet they doubted him as they continued feasting until Israel went into captivity to Babylon.
I’m still warning the saints in this Land to WAKE UP.
Taliban, Iswap, Boko Haram all have same goal which is TOTAL SHARIA WITH ERADICATION OF CHRISTIANITY.
Let him that readeth understand…
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Uche Nwosu is a two time Shell Petroleum PLC award winner in the year 2000;
He won the Shell Award on Investigative Journalism and Environmental Cleanliness.

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