Obi Cubana, Friends Stun The World, Bury Mum With Endless Currency Rains, 500 Cows

Obi Cubana, Friends Stun The World, Bury Mum With Endless Currency Rains, 500 Cows

Before now, Obi Iyiegbu was a relatively unknown businessman, except in the industry, the Hospitality and Entertainment Industry which he majored in and indeed carved a niche for himself.

Though, he burgeons endlessly in the sector, he didn’t go beyond there to warrant those who see nightlife as an aberration to know him. But ‘Gbam’ everybody was woken up from his/her slumber as he buried his mother Ezinne Uche Iyiegbu with in a tsunami last Friday, July 17, 2021.  The one week event ended on Friday with the high and mighty struggling for a space in Oba, Anambra State.

Indeed, his exploits in the hospitality and entertainment sector earned him the sobriquet Obi Cubana and in fact, that is the name of his chains of his businesses across the African Continent are crowned with.

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He started by establishing a night club before launching the Cubana Group and made it a brand worthy of trust. Today, the innovative and luxurious hospitality brand is the most palatial and ecstatic hospitality brands in Africa.

Obi has been making impressive waves in the Nigerian entertainment industry and is known to be friends of A-list Nigerian musicians and entertainers who often perform in his clubs. Born 46 years ago precisely on April 12, 1975, Cubana studied Political Science at the University o Nigeria Nsukka (UNN).

He hails from Aboji, Oba in Anambra State.

This is the man whose name went viral on Friday, July 16, 2021 when he buried his mother, Ezinne Uche Iyiegbu, who died in December 2020 with over 500 cows and millions of other perishables.

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She was aged 78.

The Naira, Dollar, Pound, Euro and other currencies that accompanied the burial were better seen than imagined.

From Monday, July 12, 2021 when the ‘ikwa ozu’ began to Sunday, July 18, 2021 during the burial proper, his friends and well wishers held everybody spellbound by the quantum of currencies they ‘shoot out’ to the extent that passersby picked and packed enough that would last for weeks if not months, that’s if they don’t invest it properly.

At the last count, the money that was thrown up into the air for people to pick amounted to over N200million. Our Reporter who visited Aboji Oba said the sleepy town has become a Jerusalem of sort as people from the Southeast, South-south, Southwest and even the North of Nigeria are flooding into Aboji Oba city to pick money that flow ceaselessly like stream as at Sunday, July 18, 2021.

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Actor Kanayo O Kanayo, E-money etc reportedly came with cartons of money and emptied them there. This nonetheless excluded hundreds of millions of naira and other currencies, bags of rice and condiments that were donated to him for the burial of Ezinne Uche Iyiegbu, according to Igbo customs.

However, due to technical issues, we cannot publish the video clips of the currency rains and Outing Service held today, Sunday, July 18, 2021.

Uche Nwosu is a two time Shell Petroleum PLC award winner in the year 2000;
He won the Shell Award on Investigative Journalism and Environmental Cleanliness.

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