PRESS STATEMENT Our Harvests Of Membership Are Real And Not Your Fathom Claims Of Reaping nonexistent Membership, PDP Support Group

PRESS STATEMENT Our Harvests Of Membership Are Real And Not Your Fathom Claims Of Reaping nonexistent Membership, PDP Support Group

We just saw a weakened and fair weather fable from the increasingly scorned All Progressives Congress (APC) over our harvest of their card carrying members and that of  the disarrayed All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) in our midst on Sunday and wish to state thus:

That in as much we would have avoided in descending to the level of APC which is increasingly losing credibility and acceptance nationwide as a result of its non performance at the federal level and in all the states it holds sway, for the sake of unsuspecting public we will react as follows:

APC is manifestly unsettled particularly lately when it has become clear to those of them at the top hierarchy of the party (those at the grass root know the truth PDP holds the grass root) that for APC go beyond its level of political self-indulgence and deceit, it must embark on rhetoric and casting of aspersions and brickbats on PDP, a party whose government of Abia State has made the people proud by delivering the dividends of democracy.

We are not surprised at the APC’s implosion and fret towards what happened in our Stakeholder’ Meeting on Sunday where over 3,000 Abians and non Abians  drawn from their membership and APGA chose to pinch their tents with our dynamic and people oriented party and government.

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Those of them that know that governance in any strata is all about providing development, ensuring security, galvanizing the economy and empowering the people and not necessarily occupying the political space and seat, already know that they have failed in running the federal government, including the states they govern.

If they can be so disappointing at the federal level where they have performed abysmally and woefully, is it in Abia State where an administration of PDP led by our dynamic governor, Okezie Ikpeazu PhD has built and commissioned 63 (the latest are the roads commissioned in Aba on Friday, January 22, 2021); all of them done by Grade A Contractors? We note that more clusters of roads will be commissioned in Umuahia soon to hit the 120 roads target within this space. Besides that, our ebullient Governor has enhanced the SMEs sector, revolutionised the Agricultural, Health, Education etc sectors? Their grunting and ramble over our continued harvests of men and women of goodwill with conscience is a pointer to the fact that in APC, falsehood and darkness prevail as truth and light are relegated to the rear. Hence their volatility over our party and government that performed beyond expectations.

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Even at the federal level where the clock is fast ticking away towards 2023 to send the APC’s government out of Aso rock, APC’s rudderless leadership has kept Nigerians, for the first time unsecured. The economy is battered, as the government embarks on a borrowing spree. Banditry has dominated the land space of Northern Nigeria, while insurgency, which the PDP controlled government under Goodluck Jonathan battled to a standstill, has continued to reign supreme.

In fact, Abia APC is unsettled over our continued harvests because they are in the habit of releasing fathom and waspish figures to give their masters in Abuja the false impression that they are on course. In one their poor outings recently in Orji Kalu’s house, they whooped that over 2,000 people joined them. The question they ran away from answering which Abians are curious about is: how did Kalu’s house that cannot contain 50 persons, pre-COVID era, suddenly accommodate 2,000?

At the Michael Okpara Auditorium on Sunday, the space couldn’t contain the surging crowd as they vigorously pledged to henceforth burn the broom and slaughter the cock and remain intact in the PDP’s Family. We, in the PDP, are not noise makers. We recall that when Karibe Ojigwe and his teeming supporters joined us, we didn’t make noise about it, and so were others in Isiala Ngwa South, Aba North and Aba South including Bende. We will continue to welcome more, even in their thousands, in our midst, while APC frets to disintegration.

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APC should stop this daydreaming exercise of our members joining their fold. The day Orji Kalu grunted that our ebullient and performing Governor planned to join the now hated party, APC, Abians in their numbers lambasted him; and asked him to stop the deception gibberish forthwith.

Enough of this namedropping gale. We are comfortable in PDP. Our action and performing governor, Okezie Ikpeazu nailed it harder when he spoke to newsmen on Sunday and declared: “APC is daydreaming about us because we’re performing; success is infectious and attracts friends and well wishers”.

APC should be told in unmistakable terms that we are landlord in Abia and nobody can so upturn.


Abia State PDP

Support Group

Uche Nwosu is a two time Shell Petroleum PLC award winner in the year 2000;
He won the Shell Award on Investigative Journalism and Environmental Cleanliness.

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