Col Austin Akobundu rtd! Here Comes An Amiable Politician With Heart of Gold, Ready To Serve Abia Central

Col Austin Akobundu rtd! Here Comes An Amiable Politician With Heart of Gold, Ready To Serve Abia Central

For Nigeria, its democracy is 24 years by 2023. But the people manning it haven’t shown enough wit, tact, honesty, patriotism, impartiality, objectivity, fairness, equity, justice, quality direction, leadership etc that could have positioned the nation’s 24-year-old democracy on the right track.

Shockingly, the value they have added to the nascent democracy of ours hasn’t reflected the age of Nigeria’s Fourth Republic. Nigeria is 23 by this year, 2022, but the mannerism and demeanor it wears couldn’t be put beyond five. The reasons are not farfetched and indeed close by.

Most politicians in Nigeria’s democratic setting are self-centered, greedy, dishonest, corrupt, avaricious, nepotistic etc, hence the dire need to introduce some men of proven integrity and candour that will launch some elements and freshness of sanity in the political landscape.

Politicians of conscience that would rise above primordial sentiments are what the nation needs now to extricate it from the shackles of poverty, insecurity, economic collapse etc. Actually, the country needs the right laws; it needs the right representation, its needs the right men to conduct the oversight that is assigned to the legislature. Who would do all these? Well, men who have the capacity, capability, contact and experience and reach are here.

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Col Austin Okwudiri Akobundu rtd the Dike Ako N’Mba of Ikwuano is one of them. He possesses the experience, knack, contact, charisma, credibility and integrity to offer effective and effectual representation at the Red Chamber, the country’s upper legislative assembly, the Senate. He believes in fairness, equity and justice. As ex officio member of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), he showed class. When he served as National Vice President of the party, he offered leadership.

Then as National organizing Secretary of PDP, he reorganized and repositioned the party from ruins and nothingness to the fastest growing party in Africa. With a military background which emphasizes discipline, oneness, camaraderie and even discipleship, this erudite administrator of Oloko Ikwuano origin hinges his vision on group participation, report back policy and accountability.

His principled policy that is encapsulated in selflessness, defence of other people’s lives and interests and sticking to any agreement no matter the circumstance are what guide his philosophy of life. There is nothing that is not negotiable except death. So, to Akobundu, if an agreement is reached and sealed, the parties in the accord might as well take the matter to the bank.

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This is the quality of the man the people of Abia Central Senatorial District want to represent them at the Senate in 2023. This is Akobundu, the Dike Ako N’Mba of Ikwuano personified. With him, the lamentation of Abia Central Senatorial District is over and it is now Uhuru for thr district! As a thoroughbred public figure, the Dike Ako N’Mba of Ikwuano plays to the rule. The noticeable infrastructural decay will be fixed with him as Senator representing Abia Central.

He is ever ready to work. With him, no matter how contentious an issue appears, it must be resolved on the conference table. This is indeed why he has gone this hog in public service. He believes in stomach infrastructure and has bettered the lots of those around him when he served in many offices.

In fact, as the National Organizing Secretary of PDP, the consummate politician reached out to the unreached in the party structure. He made them to benefit from his wealth of benevolence. None that is a card carrying member of the PDP across Nigeria that does not have his insignia; his signature is evidently emblazoned in every card of the PDP. To this end, PDP faithful in Abia Central benefitted more.

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Unlike others, Col Austin Okwudiri Akobundu rtd is a man of good record, character and dignity. He is humane, amiable, forthright, composed and peaceful. He works for unity as well as for the good of others. Here is Col Austin Okwudiri Akobundu, the Dike Ako N’Mba of Ikwuano, electrified to serve, retired but not tired, immaculate at face value and anatomically sound. He ensures that all is filled before he is fulfilled.

Give him your Support, Cooperation, Mandate with your votes. He will Change the Narrative. Abia Central will change for good, Yes We Can!

By Hon Uche Nwosu

Director Media

Austin Akobundu Campaign Council

Uche Nwosu is a two time Shell Petroleum PLC award winner in the year 2000;
He won the Shell Award on Investigative Journalism and Environmental Cleanliness.

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