Thank You All For A Work Well Done

Thank You All For A Work Well Done

Our Dear Esteemed Delegates

This is thanking you for your show of Strength, Commitment, Love, Class, Ability, Capability and Credibility to Our Brother, Friend and Leader, Col Austin Okwudiri Akobundu rtd, the Dike Ako N’Mba of Ikwuano at the just concluded Abia Central Senatorial Primaries held at the Umuahia Township Stadium.

The delay in sending this message is deliberate: it was to allow us all to savor the victory and allow the hangover of the triumph and success to smolder down our happiness-filled distending selves before we say Thank You.

Your steadfastness and resilience sent a Tsunami Earthquake to the camp of our opponents, thus creating fear and anxiety that made them to throw in the towel in torrents even quicker than we had anticipated.

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But, it’s not Uhuru yet! We need to brace up for the bigger battle ahead because it is not over until it is over. 2023 is the target. Until the Referee’s whistle sizzles, the game is not yet over. Our Principal Must be given the Green Card for the Red Chamber – the Senate, before we finally retire for the finally celebration and deserved rest.

Meanwhile, we, the Akobundu Media Team, humbly wish to extend our unreserved salutations to you all; the delegates, supporters and members of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the six LGAs of Osisioma, Isiala Ngwa North, Isiala Ngwa South, Ikwuano, Umuahia North and Umuahia South for your uncommon show commitment before, during and after the Senatorial Primary Election of our own dear Col Austin Okwudiri Akobundu rtd.

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2023, here we come! By the grace of God, it shall definitely End in Praise in Jesus name, Amen!

Thank You All.

Courtesy:  Col Austin Akobundu Media Team.

Uche Nwosu is a two time Shell Petroleum PLC award winner in the year 2000;
He won the Shell Award on Investigative Journalism and Environmental Cleanliness.

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