Vindictiveness Or What?…And The Swindled Magistrate To Be Buried Saturday

Vindictiveness Or What?…And The Swindled Magistrate To Be Buried Saturday

I was dropped as Member of Abia State JSC for Refusing to Condemn Umeh Kalu, JSC Nominee, Anaga Kalu Fires

Re: My Nomination for Membership of Abia State JSC….Matters Arising.

Dear colleagues, I feel obliged to brief you all on the recent happening concerning the now aborted effort for me to be a member of the Abia State Judicial Service Commission. I am doing this because many of you congratulated me when the announcement was made. Following my nomination, I and others appeared before the Judiciary committee of the Abia State House of Assembly for screening, shortly thereafter a letter written by the immediate past Attorney General of Abia State Chief Umeh Kalu (SAN) surfaced in the media wherein he expressed his views on the deplorable state of governance in Abia state. Obviously, the publication made by Chief Ume Kalu did not find favour in the eyes of those in government in Abia state.

Consequent upon Umeh’s letter some persons in and out of government made warped attempts to make me go public to condemn and castigate Umeh Kalu so that I will receive the coveted trophy of ‘Member Abia State Judicial Service Commission’ of course I said no to such suicide proposal that bordered on the lunatic fringe; I could not imagine my self playing the undertaker role for the government or such role reserved for the psychologically deficient sycophant and boot licker.

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I opted to keep my honour and not to be used by any principality to destroy or diminish my own brother because of appointment, however i did not know that an Ohafia brother was already on the bench warming up to play the game. Later on, our Ohafia brother wrote on the social media to castigate Umeh without addressing any of the core issues contained in Umeh’s letter.

Today, I was invited to the House of Assembly Judiciary Committee in the cause of proceedings, I was informed that my nomination has been withdrawn and the prize I refused to go for by betraying Umeh Kalu has been awarded to Ukpai Ukairo.

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I am proud to say that I was not dropped from the JSC for poor score, or low integrity quotient. In all we must continue to pray for Abia State and hope that tomorrow will be better. The Walls of Jericho eventually came down.

Meanwhile, one the Magistrates allegedly swindled by the former SJC and other top judicial officers will be burial on Saturday, December 18, 2021 in her country home somewhere in Abia North. The Magistrate allegedly paid N15million to her swindlers to enable them include her name in the list of Judges to be submitted to the National Judicial Commission (NJC) through the Abia State governor for ratification as a Judge of the High Court of Abia State.

Unknown to her that the people she was dealing with have no link nor do they have any power to assist her to become a Judge, she sheepishly sold some properties and allegedly handed over the amount to them only to discover to her chagrin that she was far from being enlisted as a revered member of the Bench in Nigeria.

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Our sources revealed that when the stack reality of her not becoming a Judge in the state was made bare to her and that all hopes of becoming a Judge was no longer feasible, she collapsed and died.

Reliable sources said this particular woman had done everything to become a Judge in the past, but her character while serving as a Magistrate had become a barrier towards realizing this her life ambition as lawyers in the state had risen strongly against her becoming a Judge, adding that the few times her name was added in the list of proposed Judges, lawyers would protest profusely, asking the NJC not to ratify her name because of her notoriety while serving as a Magistrate.Uche Nwosu is a two time Shell Petroleum PLC award winner in the year 2000;
He won the Shell Award on Investigative Journalism and Environmental Cleanliness.

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